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[WEBINAR RECAP] You think chatbots don't work in B2B? Think again!

Križaj Iza

Since our last webinar, the world has turned upside down. Fortunately, we can still host online events, and because we want to keep helping you educate yourselves during social distancing, we’re continuing our monthly webinars.

We became the first HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner in Slovenia

Suhadolc Jasna

Actuado has been a HubSpot Certified Partner for almost five years now. With the new achievement of moving up a tier – from HubSpot Gold Certified Partner to HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner – we gained access to an even larger stack of HubSpot’s software, resources, and expert support.

[WEBINAR RECAP] Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is Crucial for Company Growth

Križaj Iza

Lately we have talked a lot about the importance of sales and marketing working in unison. All too often we come across companies where these two departments are working past one another, and it’s a costly mistake – the lack of alignment between sales and marketing is setting businesses back more than a trillion dollars per year. In fact, the misalignment of sales and marketing is the main reason behind stagnation or even decline in revenue.