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Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is Crucial for Company Growth

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Lately we have talked a lot about the importance of sales and marketing working in unison. All too often we come across companies where these two departments are working past one another, and it’s a costly mistake – the lack of alignment between sales and marketing is setting businesses back more than a trillion dollars per year. In fact, the misalignment of sales and marketing is the main reason behind stagnation or even decline in revenue.

Defining MQLs & SQLs: Key to Engaging Prospects throughout the Entire Customer Lifecycle

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As in other areas of life, success in business depends on knowing how to seize the right moment: you must be able to recognise when a prospect is ready to talk to your sales team.

Grow with HubSpot: How to Optimise Marketing and Sales for Faster Growth?

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Marketers today have more than 7,000 martech solutions at their disposal – HubSpot is just one of the many platforms that can help you optimise your sales and marketing efforts. But as the only HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner in the region, we swear by using HubSpot both for ourselves and for our clients.

Mailchimp vs. HubSpot: Free Features Comparison

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According to Chiefmartec there are now more than 7,000 solutions in the marketing technology landscape. One of the most common struggles of today’s marketers is choosing the right marketing tool at the right price. There is also no shortage of free tools to help you optimise your business and make your marketing communication more efficient. Among the most popular are HubSpot and Mailchimp – we are using both, both for ourselves and for our clients. We have compared the free features of HubSpot and Mailchimp, take a look which one would better suit your needs.

How to Gain Leads and Shorten the Sales Cycle With Chatbots

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By now you must have noticed that many websites and applications feature conversational bots, programs that ask users short questions and provide them with relevant information or help them with simple tasks. While users find chat bots useful and entertaining, marketing and sales teams can use them extremely effectively to segment potential and existing customers, qualify leads and streamline work processes by automating simple routine tasks.