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HubSpot's new "View All Attachments" feature

Do you ever feel like you're playing an endless game of ping-pong with your colleagues or customers over email attachments? Sending and receiving multiple files can quickly lead to confusion and a tangled mess of versions in long email chains. Fortunately, HubSpot has introduced a new feature to end this chaos: the centralized attachment management system.

Clean up your HubSpot form submissions with the new "Delete Form Submissions" feature

Have you ever wished you could clean up your HubSpot form submissions directly within the forms tool? Manually exporting and editing data to remove test submissions or correct errors can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Fortunately, HubSpot has released a new update that simplifies this process: "Delete Form Submissions.

HubSpot is beta testing a new “View Record Access” feature

Figuring out who has access to certain CRM records and what level of access they have, can be a challenge for admins. It can also hinder data security and efficient team collaboration. That’s why HubSpot is introducing a new feature called “View Record Access”.

Simplify data management with HubSpot's Sync Properties

Managing data across different objects in HubSpot can often feel like a tedious task, especially when it involves creating numerous workflows just to copy data between objects. To streamline this process, HubSpot has introduced a new feature: Sync Properties. This feature automates data synchronization between objects, ensuring your data remains consistently updated and aligned.

Streamline customer support with HubSpot's new Help Desk Workspace

HubSpothas introduced the Help Desk Workspace within Service Hub, designed to centralize customer support tools and improve operational efficiency.

Say hello to the future of content marketing with HubSpot's AI-powered Content Hub

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the role of content in marketing has changed significantly. It's no longer just about generating leads, marketers now need to deliver personalised content across multiple channels throughout the customer journey. That's where HubSpot's Content Hub comes in, a platform designed to improve your content marketing strategy with AI-driven solutions.