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Say hello to the future of content marketing with HubSpot's AI-powered Content Hub

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the role of content in marketing has changed significantly. It's no longer just about generating leads, marketers now need to deliver personalised content across multiple channels throughout the customer journey. That's where HubSpot's Content Hub comes in, a platform designed to improve your content marketing strategy with AI-driven solutions.

HubSpot’s new import flow for marketing events

Managing contact information from marketing events presents a unique challenge, especially when it comes to integrating data from different platforms. HubSpot's latest update introduces a new import flow designed to streamline the process of gathering and managing event data in its CRM.

A user-friendly update to email search in HubSpot CRM

Navigating through the vast amount of emails in HubSpot CRM to find specific information can be daunting. Recognising this challenge, HubSpot has introduced an update to simplify the process, making it easier for users to find emails based on any word or phrase within the email body directly from the global search.

HubSpot and LinkedIn CRM sync

A new development in CRM and sales tool integration is on the horizon with the upcoming LinkedIn CRM Sync. This bi-directional integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot aims to facilitate the synchronisation of lead and account data with contacts and companies in HubSpot.

HubSpot's new cookie banner customization options

We all wish for more flexibility when it comes to the look and feel of our websites, and it seems HubSpot has listened, as they have expanded the customization options of the cookie banner. This improvement allows businesses to align the design of the banner to the aesthetic of their website.

Support Google Consent Mode V2 within HubSpot

With the official launch of Google Policy Update, Google Consent Mode V2 emerges as the solution to respect users' privacy choices while allowing businesses to gain valuable insights.