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A user-friendly update to email search in HubSpot CRM

Navigating through the vast amount of emails in HubSpot CRM to find specific information can be daunting. Recognising this challenge, HubSpot has introduced an update to simplify the process, making it easier for users to find emails based on any word or phrase within the email body directly from the global search.

HubSpot and LinkedIn CRM sync

A new development in CRM and sales tool integration is on the horizon with the upcoming LinkedIn CRM Sync. This bi-directional integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot aims to facilitate the synchronisation of lead and account data with contacts and companies in HubSpot.

Elevate your CRM experience with HubSpot's conditional property options

HubSpot has introduced a new feature that allows users to define conditional property options across the CRM. This means that property options can now be filtered based on the value of another property. For example, if the 'Department' property is set to 'Engineering', the system will automatically show relevant roles such as Engineering Manager, Engineer and Director of Engineering. 

HubSpot CRM record page editor

The CRM record page editor empowers admins to easily customize the middle column of a record. Add new cards, tweak tabs, and make it yours!

Get Better Value From Your CRM

Zapis je na voljo tudi v slovenščini

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically in recent years. Businesses were forced to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies, and as more and more consumer touchpoints move online, companies face the challenge of providing a consistent customer experience across a variety of channels.

How you can deduplicate data and maintain clean data in your CRM?

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