Why Video Is a Key Marketing and Sales Tool


Zapis je na voljo tudi v slovenščini

Video is an extremely effective way to communicate with customers. Many B2B companies know this well and are already successfully incorporating video content into their marketing activities. Fewer companies know how to use video effectively in sales, and here lies a lot of potential.

Video is the best alternative to face-to-face meetings – it allows us to introduce ourselves to potential customers with a face and a voice, contact them in a more personal way, and help them solve problems and explain benefits of a particular product or service in more detail. This is especially relevant during this pandemic, which has limited our contacts and thus our ability to build customer relationships.

Vidyard is one of the best video platforms for businesses

Vidyard is an online video platform for creating and hosting video content, which also used by HubSpot for all their videos. Vidyard and similar video platforms enable us to keep all our existing videos in one place, equip them with subtitles and interactive elements such as CTA buttons and forms, embed them in websites and, if we want, protect them with passwords. We can simply share the videos via email or social networks and, last but not least, we can measure their performance with advanced analytics.

Moreover, Vidyard allows us to create new, personalized video content that helps us improve efficiency of our sales and customer support processes. We can record screen or webcam or both simultaneously, and we can easily share the videos with prospects and customers via email. Recipients can watch the videos several times, they can share them with other relevant people, and download the videos to their computer if we give them permission.

Benefits of Vidyard, or why 'YouTube is not enough’

YouTube is a great platform for educational content, to reach potential buyers who are at the beginning of their buyer journey and are looking for ways to solve a challenge (but probably don't know us yet). There is a huge amount of content on YouTube, as well as an algorithm that recommends videos to users according to their interests. This means that we will quickly lose their attention, and all they will leave behind is the count of total number of views.

Once people are ready to make a purchase and have already considered us as an option, they will visit our website. Here, Vidyard is much better, as it gives us a lot more control over what users see and what their next step will be.

Unlike YouTube, there are no ads on Vidyard. Another disadvantage of YouTube is that after watching our video, users are recommended to watch content over which we have no influence – it may very well be the content of our competition. On Vidyard, users only see what we want them to see; the videos that we ourselves have added to a playlist s. By adding forms and CTAs we can collect information and guide users to a specific action, and we can even let users book a meeting from within the video.

Integration with marketing automation tools

With Vidyard's engagement tracking tool, we don’t only track the number of views, but also who watched the video, which parts of the video a particular person saw and how many times they watched it.

An integration with a CRM and a marketing automation tool like HubSpot, gives us additional functionalities. We can track all this data in one place and create segments, which we can use in marketing automation campaigns. For example, we can set up automatic email triggering for anyone who has viewed the video several times, or we can personalize content on landing pages based on the video viewing data.

In this way, we will improve efficiency of our sales process, shorten our sales cycle and tailor our marketing approach to better fit our persona.

How can we help you with video sales?

Actuado recently completed Vidyard's Video Selling certification and became the first Vidyard Video Selling Certified Partner in the region. This gives us better access to Vidyard's expertise and knowledge, and we have expanded ways in which we can advise and support our clients in the use of video in sales.

There are several ways we can help your sales team use video better:

  • Free webinar on the use of personalized video in sales
  • 8-week workshop for sales teams that want to maximize using video in different scenarios
  • Customized video sales training for larger sales teams with advanced content and hands-on coaching

Would you like to read more about our video sales training programs and find the best fit for you? Visit our Video Sales site.

Iza Križaj

Iza got her Master’s degree in Communication Science at one of the top-ranked universities worldwide, Graduate School of Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Before becoming a content writer, she fostered her passion for language by tutoring English and freelance proof-reading, translating and editing various kinds of texts. What she appreciates most about content and inbound marketing is the non-pushy, customer-centered approach. She is a night owl and believes her best work happens after midnight.