Pipelines in HubSpot: How can you add different deal stages that follow your sales process?


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Pipelines in HubSpot: How can you add different deal stages that follow your sales process?


Video transcript

Your business probably doesn't need just one pipeline and good news is that you can have several in HubSpot. You can also customize the deal stages of each pipeline and I'm going to show you how.

Depending on which HubSpot Sales Hub plan you are on, you can create 2 or more pipelines. Say you have a B2B and a B2C business, so you sell both directly to businesses and to end customers. The sales process can vary a lot, so it makes sense to have 2 different pipelines.

Each pipeline has different deal stages and there are 7 default deal stages already in HubSpot. You edit the pipelines by clicking on Edit pipelines and then you can rename them to suit your business. You can also reorder them, manage their access and delete them.

Let's look at the deal stages.

We have:

  • Appointment scheduled (20%)
  • Qualified to buy (40%)
  • Presentation scheduled (60%)
  • Decision maker bought-in (80%)
  • Contract sent (90%)
  • Closed won (100% Won)
  • Closed lost (0% Lost)

As you can see each deal stage has an associated probability that indicates the likelihood of closing deals marked with that deal stage. These numbers will be relevant for the expected revenue of the pipeline and reports, and you can change theme here.

You can also rename deal stages, delete some and add some. You can also reorder them.

If you want to customize the deal properties presented to your sales team when a deal moves to a specific stage, you can edit properties and select the checkboxes next to the properties you want to appear. You can also make it mandatory for your team to enter a value for a certain property, say the amount or close date.


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