How you can clone a deal to the first stage of the onboarding pipeline?


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Let's say you just closed a deal and you want your customer success colleagues to take over. Is there a way to automate this process, so you lose as little time and information as possible? There is.

Welcome to HubSpot Tips and Tricks! I'm Jasna from Actuado and today I'll show you how to clone a deal so it appears in the first stage of the onboarding pipeline.

You have just closed a deal and moved it to Closed Won in your sales pipeline. Now the customer success team will take over. Wouldn't it be great if the deal was copied in the Onboarding pipeline, so you don't have to do it manually? Let's see how.

We need to add automation to the Closed Won deal stage in the sales pipeline. Go to properties, object deals and then select the pipeline tab. Scroll down and select the Automate tab. Here you can see that you can add automation for each stage of the deal. We want to add automation to Closed won, so let's scroll to this deal stage.

Click on Create workflow and search among the available actions. We are looking for Create record under Record management. We want to create a deal. We'll assign deal to the existing owner of the deal and use some deal tokens to better describe the deal. We enter the deal name and the amount in the brackets. Now we select the deal pipeline Onboarding and stage 1st month. Let's set the close date to 90 days. We will copy the amount date, so we'll delete this one and click on Add more properties. Here we'll choose copy a property to deal property and then choose Amount for source and target. Let's now also add deal description property, so that we can copy the original description, but also add some information to the our deal in the onboarding pipeline. Here we can add also the deal name and write additional information about deals that go to the 1st month stage in the onboarding pipeline.

Before we save we also need to decide whether to associate the deal with contacts, companies, tickets, which usually we'd want to. However think about the associations with quotes, subscriptions and payments, since they can be associated with just one deal and if you associate them with the new one, they will be removed from the existing deal.


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