How can we ensure that some emails aren't automatically logged in HubSpot?


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How can we ensure that some emails aren't automatically logged in HubSpot?


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Every email you send from your Gmail or Outlook is automatically logged into HubSpot once you enabled the integration. But what if you don't want your coworkers emails to be logged on their contact? Or perhaps your family and friends' emails?

Welcome to HubSpot Tips and Tricks! I'm Jasna from Actuado and today I'll explain how we can make sure some emails aren't logged in HubSpot automatically.

If you are using HubSpot's CRM or Sales Hub you probably integrated your Outlook or Gmail with HubSpot and the emails you send are logging in HubSpot. But what if there are emails you don't want to log? Of course you could go into HubSpot and find them associated to a specific contact and delete them, but that would take time. And emails from some people, like your family and friends, you probably never want to log.

That's why there's a setting called: never log.

You can use it for your HubSpot account or for a particular user.

Let's first go in as use it for the entire account. Say you never want to log emails to your coworkers, because if there are other contacts in the email these emails will be associated with them in HubSpot anyway. 

You go to Settings > Objects > Activities > Email logging tab. Then you enter the domain of the company, but in addition to that also add some specific emails or other domains.

But let's say I don't want to log my son's emails. You can set that in your personal settings. Go to Settings > General > Email > email logging settings) and add the email or several emails or even domains.


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