Which HubSpot assets do you need for an e-book campaign?


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Which HubSpot assets do you need for an e-book campaign?


Video transcript

One of the most often used contents for lead generation campaigns is an e-book. Your experts wrote the e-book, your designers designed it perfectly, and now you want to share it with your prospects, leads, visitors, and everybody who thinks it can be valuable to them. So, what's next?

Let me show you which assets you must create in HubSpot for visitors to be able to download the e-book. 

When using an e-book for a lead generation campaign, you must first create a form and a landing page.

Make sure the landing page has no menu or footer. You don't want to give your visitors a chance to move to another page on your website; you want them to download the e-book.

Create an attractive landing page and tell your visitors what they can expect if they download the e-book. Tell them which challenges they can solve by reading this e-book. Convince them to give you their email address.

Add a form to the landing page. Don't ask too much, just some essential information like first and last name, email, and maybe one more question relevant to you when you want to segment them and nurture them further. 

Then create a thank you page and connect it to the landing page. After visitors submit a form, they will be redirected to the thank you page. Write more about how visitors will receive their e-book. Maybe give them additional information about how they can contact you. You can also invite them to follow you on social media platforms, subscribe to your newsletter, or read more about the e-book topic in your blog posts.

Create an automated email with a direct link to the e-book you uploaded to HubSpot files. Use social media icons to link directly to your social media channels. Invite them to follow you, check posts in your blog, or invite them to subscribe to your newsletter or download more of your content. 

Create an active list with all contacts who downloaded the e-book and use it as an enrolment trigger to a workflow for sending out automated emails with the link to the e-book.

You can also create a chatbot that enables your visitors to download the e-book. A chatbot can offer help visitors download the e-book or redirects them to the landing page. Place the chatbot on all relevant URLs on your website. Think about using the exclusion rule and don't show the bot to contacts who already downloaded the e-book.

If you think a pop-up form is more relevant to your audience than a chatbot, create a pop-up with a link to the landing page or a pop-up form. You can add only four fields to this type of form, but you will save one click for your visitors.

If you already have some contacts in your CRM who might be interested in your e-book, create a regular email to send them the news about your new e-book they can download.

Create more organic social media posts and invite your followers to download the e-book.

Create UTM links or tracking links in HubSpot and include them in social media posts, banners, and email signatures for your employees.

Create a call-to-action (CTA) button and place it on all relevant blog posts. Maybe you can play with creating the multivariate or A/B version of a CTA. Use a simple button as version A and an image banner as variation B.

In the end, before you publish everything, create a campaign in HubSpot and add all mentioned assets:
•    landing and thank you pages,
•    forms,
•    emails,
•    lists,
•    workflows,
•    social media posts and
•    CTAs.

The campaign will also enable you to better understand how successful your campaign is.


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