Support for Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Zapis je na voljo tudi v slovenščini

We are in difficult times. This applies to our private lives as well as to businesses and organisations that are facing one of the greatest challenges of our time. If there is one positive side to these uncertain conditions, it must be the strengthening of community and mutual support that will help many to overcome the difficult moments.

Many providers of marketing technologies, services and knowledge support businesses by offering free tools, consulting and training. Some of them are featured in this article, and we will be happy to add your suggestions to the list. You can share them with us on our social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), send an email to or leave a comment below. We also offer free advice on digital marketing tools that could help you carry out your marketing and sales activities during the coronavirus measures and further on. Together we are strong.


HubSpot reduces prices and offers some tools free of charge

During this time, HubSpot offered new and existing users access to additional free tools, removed certain limitations and reduced the monthly price of the software bundle Starter Growth Suite for marketing, sales and services from the usual 112.50 USD to 50 USD. To make communication easier, they removed email sending limits and added virtual meetings booking functionality to the bundle. HubSpot's tools for creating and signing proposals with digital signatures and for creating and sharing personalised one-on-one videos are also currently free. As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner we can help you choose the right plan for your business and claim these benefits; book a free 30-minute meeting in our calendar.

 More information about HubSpot’s offer


Webinar on how to create a good webinar

The recording of the webinar on how to create a good webinar (in Slovenian), which our MD Jasna Suhadolc presented in January 2019 for members of the Slovenian Marketing Association is now freely accessible on the SMA website. Jasna covered everything from the idea to the webinar implementation, promotion and technical execution. In recent years, webinars have become one of the most effective ways to reach target audiences who want to deepen their knowledge and be better informed and have now become even more relevant due to social distancing measures.

All Actuado webinars are also freely accessible on our website.

Relief offers from HubSpot partners

HubSpot has published a list of special offers that its app partners are providing to users to help them meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The list is organised by the areas that the integration partners and their apps cover: marketing, sales, productivity and finance, and customer support. They offer support in various forms: free use, extended trial periods, additional tools, loans, discounts and free training.

The list of HubSpot app partners and their relief offers


Microsoft offers Teams for free

The coronavirus pandemic does not discriminate between small and large companies. Microsoft employees are also currently working mostly from home. To make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to work remotely, they are making Microsoft Teams available to everyone, including those who do not have Office 365. Microsoft Teams is a software solution that helps you collaborate, meet and share files created in Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook with employees as well as partners.

More information on the availability of Microsoft Teams


The book ‘How to Manage in Times of Crisis’ is free for everyone

Dr. Ichak Adizes is an expert on how to handle major changes. His method has helped many companies, governments, and complex organizations around the world to manage major changes without conflict. His book How to Manage in Times of Crisis (Adizes Institute Publication, 2009) was written after the 2008 financial crisis and has become relevant again. You can download it free of charge on his website.

You can follow the tips and thoughts of Dr. Adizes in his blog, on his LinkedIn page and on the Adizes Instutute Facebook page.


The SEO tool Ubersuggest offers more free functionalities

Ubersuggest is one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, which essentially analyses keywords and suggests which words will help your webpages rank higher in search engine results. Moreover, Ubersuggest is especially useful for tracking competition and creating content strategies. To help companies grow during the crisis, the owner of Ubersuggest Neil Patel has released some of the features that were previously only available in the paid version. Users that are logged in will have access to the data from the last 12 months (otherwise only 3 months), a longer list of keywords in keyword analyser tool and keywords ideas tool, a longer list of most visited sites with similar content and more content ideas. In addition, Neil and his team will provide training and advice to users.

The full range of additional free features and services


Vidyard for secure video communications with your team

Vidyard, the platform for the strategic use of interactive and personalized videos in the areas of marketing, sales, customer care, employee training and corporate communications, has expanded its range of free tools during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to Vidyard’s free plan, which includes unlimited video uploading and sharing and embedding up to 5 videos on your website, they have also released Vidyard for internal communications, which is designed to help companies stay connected and communicate securely online with remote employees.

More information about this offer can be found on Vidyard’s website


1Password extends free trial period to six months

1Password is aware that remote work comes with certain security risks, so it has replaced the previous 30-day trial limit on its password manager with a six-month time period. With 1Password you can give employees on multiple devices access to usernames and passwords, set up security protocols, and receive notifications of potential violations or hacking attempts.

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Video-conferencing and live streaming for users of Google’s G Suite

Users of Google’s productivity and collaboration applications package G Suite get free access to video-conferencing for up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers, and the ability to record and save meetings to Google Drive until July 1st, 2020. These features will also be available to G Suite for Education users.

More information about the access to free features of G Suite


Mailchimp offers support for small businesses with up to 25 employees

During the pandemic, Mailchimp has offered its existing customer base $10 million worth of service. In addition to three months of free use of the Standard plan, small businesses with up to 25 employees in categories including tourism, leisure, retail, entertainment, health, beauty, wellness and other similar categories that will be hit the hardest can take advantage of various discounts, upgrades and add-ons.

Learn more about the offer


Free time management and time tracking applications

During the pandemic, the provider of digital transformation solutions for supply chain management, Špica International, launched a Solidarity subscription package. It includes All Hours (time and attendance tracking application) and My Hours (web and mobile time management software) free of charge and without a time limit.

More about the Solidarity Package (in Slovenian)

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