Manage your workload with HubSpot’s prospecting workspace


Bundling all your daily tasks and information into a single tool could be the perfect solution to help you be as productive and focused as possible to get the most done in a day. HubSpot has just announced a dedicated workspace for prospecting to help sales pipeline their tasks and see all the information they need to achieve their goals.

Why you'll love it

Imagine having all your daily tasks and critical information neatly organized in a single tool. That's the promise of HubSpot's prospecting workspace, where sales professionals can consolidate their efforts and gain a holistic view of their daily responsibilities. Whether you're handling lead generation, nurturing prospects, or closing deals, this workspace is your go-to solution for peak productivity.

How it works

To use the prospecting workspace, navigate to Sales > Prospecting in your HubSpot account. There you can review:
  • Your prospecting activity: The Summary tab shows the progress of all your tasks, your schedule (calendar for today), and all task reminders in your active sequences.
  • Your schedule: The Schedule tab is a read-only view of your connected calendar events and all tasks. This tab will help you to plan your workload.
  • Your activity feed (a list of all your sales activity notifications from the last year).

Who can use it

The prospecting workspace is already available in beta for Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise.

Get ready to make 5 more calls in the time saved! 🚀


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