Introducing HubSpot's Logo Grid Default Module


HubSpot's new Logo Grid Default Module allows you to elegantly display a variety of logos with varying dimensions on your pages and blogs. Whether you want to feature partner logos, customer testimonials, or your own brand assets, this module will help you create a compelling visual journey for your audience.

How it works

  1. Access your editor: Whether you're working on a landing page, a website, or a blog, open the respective editor where you want to incorporate the Logo Grid.
  2. Add the module: Locate the new Logo Grid Default Module in your content editor toolbox and add it to your content.
  3. Unleash the configuration magic: Logo Image Group where logo dreams come to life.

Get ready to transform your content into a captivating visual journey. Elevate your branding game with HubSpot's Logo Grid Default Module and let your logos shine like never before!


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