Seamlessy connect Cloudflare domains with HubSpot


Domain Connect simplifies the process of connecting your existing domain with HubSpot directly from your DNS provider. Now that Cloudflare has joined the lineup, you can seamlessly connect your Cloudflare domains to HubSpot with just a couple of clicks.

Why it matters

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of manually setting up DNS records for Cloudflare domains. With Cloudflare as a Domain Connect provider, connecting your domains becomes a breeze.

How it works

1. Go to Settings > Website > Domains & URLs.
2. Click 'Connect a Domain.'
3. Enter your existing Cloudflare-purchased domain.
4. At the DNS record step, HubSpot’s got you covered. Your DNS records will sync automatically, unless you prefer a manual setup – the choice is yours.

Who can use it?

This enhancement is available to everyone, ensuring a smoother experience for all users. 🚀


Do you have any questions?

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