HubSpot’s new page for managing marketing emails


In the dynamic world of marketing, efficiency is everything. HubSpot has recognised the need for a seamless and consistent user experience. The Marketing Email Manage Page is designed to improve your experience and streamline your email management process.

A glimpse of what's new

Say goodbye to tool-hopping chaos. The new Marketing Email Manage Page brings a unified user experience (UX) across tools. Enjoy more flexibility with filters and views, and organise your email management exactly the way you want it.

How it works

  1. Open HubSpot.
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Email.
  3. Explore the sleek new UI and click on +Add view to create your own view.
  4. Give it a cool name.
  5. Filter your assets and click Save view.

Who can use it?

This power boost is available for everyone. 🚀


Do you have any questions?

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