HubSpot introduces Activity tab for improved campaign tracking


Marketers, get ready for a game-changing addition to your HubSpot toolkit. Say hello to the Activity tab in your Campaigns – the new hub for tracking the evolution of your marketing campaigns.

What is the Activity tab?

The Activity tab serves as a chronological timeline that documents every tweak, edit, and transformation made to your campaigns. From campaign edits to associated assets, no detail goes unnoticed.

Why you'll love it

Collaboration just got a turbo boost! 🚀 Effective marketing relies on seamless teamwork, so it's important to always be able to answer the question, "What's changed recently?" With the Activity tab, transparency takes center stage. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed, efficient collaboration.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency: Uncover every change that was made and know exactly who made it. The Activity tab provides detailed insights into campaign modifications, right down to the specifics.
  • Visibility: No more hunting for the right person to connect with for updates and clarifications. With the Activity tab, you'll immediately know who's responsible for the latest changes.
  • Deeper Insights: Get a better understanding of your team's workload. The Activity tab offers invaluable insight into ongoing work, helping your team stay in sync.

Who can use it?

The Activity tab is available for Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise users. If you're using either of these hubs, you're in for a treat - this tool is designed to improve your campaign tracking and streamline your marketing efforts.


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