Generate reports with ease using HubSpot AI


Reports play a crucial role in understanding your business's performance, tracking progress and making informed decisions. However, creating reports manually can be time-consuming and complex. This is where HubSpot AI comes in to simplify the process. 

Why you'll love it

HubSpot AI makes creating reports a breeze. It allows you to effortlessly create insightful reports by simply providing a prompt. No more navigating through complex processes or struggling with data structures – a straightforward prompt is all it takes to create the perfect report for your business questions.

How it works

  1. Select "Create Report" on your Dashboard or Report Library.
  2. Enter the new "Generate with HubSpot AI" flow.
  3. Describe your report or the insights you're looking for.
  4. Watch HubSpot AI bring your report to life! 🌟

Who can use it?

This new feature is available for all Hubs Pro+ users.

Say hello to a smarter way of reporting – powered by AI! 🚀


Do you have any questions?

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