Enhancements to HubSpot's global search


HubSpot recently rolled out a major improvement to its global search feature to make it easier to find information within the platform. This update introduces individual search categories and filters for Emails, Calls, Notes, and Meetings, allowing users to search for specific data more efficiently and save valuable time.

Why you'll love it

Previously, HubSpot’s global search bundled everything together, making it difficult to find a specific email, call, note or meeting buried in your data. With the new improvement, finding exactly what you're looking for is a breeze. Each activity type now has its pwn dedicated search result category. No more digging through a pile of "Activities" – find what you need faster!

How it works

The next time you initiate a search in global search, you'll notice these new categories. Just select the category that aligns with your search intent, and voilà! Your search results will be tailored to your needs, reducing search time and increasing productivity.

Who gets it?

This update is available to ALL HubSpot users, across all hubs and tiers. Regardless of your subscription, you can now take advantage of a more efficient search process.


Do you have any questions?

Send an email to hubspot@actuado.com.