Better email insights with HubSpot's Custom Report Builder


Marketing emails remain an indispensable tool for engaging with audiences on a personalised level at scale. To achieve success with email marketing, the analysis of key figures such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate, click-through rate, reply rate, spam report rate and unsubscribe rate is essential.

In the past, managing email performance metrics in HubSpot often required navigating within the Marketing Email tool or exporting data to Excel. While this provided valuable insights, it also had its limitations. Linking these metrics to the HubSpot CRM was a challenge.

Customized reports for deeper insights

Fully customized reports are the key to insights that go beyond the surface. They can reveal optimal time to send emails, identify high-performing content, and provide a holistic view of your email marketing efforts.

HubSpot's Custom Report Builder is changing the game. It gives you the ability to create custom reports that provide detailed and contextual information, allowing you to optimize content and delivery of your marketing emails. 🚀


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