Automate ticket pipelines


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Automate ticket pipelines


Video transcript

As a customer service manager, you must work fast and be efficient. When someone submits a ticket, you want to focus on their problem rather than first sending them a thank you message and changing the ticket status after that. There are so many process-related actions to work on! Let me tell you how to simplify this process with a few clicks and save time for your support team.

Welcome to HubSpot Tips and Tricks! I'm Katarina from Actuado, and in this video, I'll show you how to automate process-related actions in ticket pipelines.

As you might know, you can have more than one ticket pipeline in HubSpot Service Hub.

To work better, you name ticket pipelines according to your internal customer service process. You also set ticket statuses for each ticket pipeline and, if this makes sense, set additional ticket status automation.

So, when a ticket reaches a certain status, automation will trigger previously set up actions.

For example, when a ticket is created, a thank you email will be automatically sent to the contact. After the email is sent, a ticket will automatically move from the status New to the status Waiting on us. 

When a ticket status changes, a HubSpot task with high priority is created for the ticket owner.

And then, when a contact replies, the ticket status is again set to Waiting on us. If a contact doesn't respond in 5 days, a ticket status is changed to Closed.

What do you say? Can this automation save you time and make your customer support better?!

One more piece of advice. Before setting up the automation for your ticket pipelines, discuss and agree on the customer service process internally with your team. After you are satisfied with the process, create it in HubSpot.


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